How to tie a turban in 1892 San Francisco

“a series of rapid, graceful motions that defy analysis”

An 1892 San Francisco paper featured this lovely description of how a Desi man (presumably Sikh) ties a turban:

The sight of a man putting on his hat is not usually impressive, but to see an East Indian don his turban before it is rolled is matter for interest and astonishment to one unacquainted with Oriental life. There is at least one man in this town who knows how to roll a turban. He takes it from its hiding place in a bureau drawer, a long and wide band of white and pliant material, delicately woven. One end he claps on top of his head, and then by a series of rapid, graceful motions that defy analysis by any save an expert he rolls the cloth into the light and graceful turban. It is all done in a very few seconds, and the final touch tucks the loose end in such fashion between the folds that the turban does not fall to pieces when the wearer moves.

San Francisco Call, October 18 1892, page 1